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February update!

Hello! First of all, sincere apologies for the lack of updates recently. We are not dead, we are just readjusting somewhat on the sidelines. What’s been going......MORE


Brain Salad Surgery

  Welcome back, my friends, to the show that never ends. Yes we are still here. Tweaking, twiddling, eking, fiddling. There’s not much to tell really, fo......MORE


The Documentary-maker's Tale

GUEST BLOGPOST BY MR STEVE WEBSTER ESQ   Iron Maiden – London O2 Arena – November 2011 I am sat with Owen Oakeshott watching the support band scream the......MORE

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Seb Hunter

Seb Hunter is a writer, musician and film-maker. He lives in Winchester, Hampshire, with his wife and two young children.



His books include…

Untitled-2 Untit1 Untitled-3

Hell Bent For Leather

(HarperCollins, 2004)


Rock me Amadeus

(Penguin, 2006)
How to be a Better Person

(Atlantic, 2009)

His book is a gem; a wonderfully deadpan account of his childhood obsession with heavy metal– New York Times

‘Hilarious’ – Bill Bailey

‘Terrific’ – Bruce Dickinson

‘Entertaining and very, very funny.
It’s also a brilliant introduction for the classical novice.’
- The Independent; ‘Hunter has hit on a page-turning formula… a Bill Bryson for the Kerrang! generation.’

- The Sunday Telegraph

‘Read Seb Hunter and marvel at his comic touch and loopy charm.’ – The Independent

‘Downright hilarious.’ – The Herald

‘Hunter is as good as it gets.’
- The Times

His musical projects include…

Crater. Crater began life in 2004 as an early Cluster-channelling free electronics duo, consisting of Seb Hunter and Paul Bavister. With the addition of drummer Steve Gibson in 2005, the group coalesced into its current trio format. Crater's music has always been entirely improvised, and its early years were frequently spent negotiating symbioses of Niblock-style drones, electric Miles jams and Sunn textures. Several years of playing, recording and intermittent live performance later, Crater in 2011 is more comfortable in its own skin, having largely rejected tonality, rhythm and indeed general structure from its music, relying instead on a natural, freer, less dogmatic approach to non-idiomatic improvisation. Previous Crater (self) releases have featured piano (played by Steve) and electronics (from both Paul and Seb), and the group have utilized sitar, multiple percussion, singing bowls, analogue synthesis and various electronics in a live context, but the group probably get most satisfaction out of deconstructing the traditional guitar/bass/drums combo, discovering what new vistas can be drawn from such ostensibly old-fashioned instrumentation. Crater’s first LP proper, Elemental, is available now on the Critical Heights label, www.criticalheights.com

Delphic Vapours. Owen Tromans and Seb Hunter have been spinning their web of improvised intrigue as Delphic Vapours for several years now. The duo meld their guitars into a miasma of drone and melody where the six strings are just as likely to spew forth ancient synth gurgle or catastrophic waves of fuzz as divinely clipped arpeggios. Rarely discussing the musicks before they are produced allows for a truly organic process. Delphic Vapours debut LP Get off their Knees is available from Critical Heights.

Indeterminate Quartet. Indeterminate Quartet are a neo-classical quartet featuring Steve Gibson, Seb Hunter, Polly Perry and Stuart Riddle, who play indeterminate and graphic scores. Recent live performances have included John Cage’s FourSix in Winchester, Hants, and pages 1-18 of Cornelius Cardew’s monumental Treatise in Poole, Dorset. IQ hope to premiere their interpretation of Tom Phillips’ indeterminate opera Irma at the Tete-a-Tete opera festival at Riverside Studios in Hammersmith in summer 2012.

Seb is also a regular music commentator for BBC Radio Five Live, and was a talking head on BBC Television’s recent 7 Ages of Rock series.
He is currently writing the autobiography of the faded, feted alcoholic Finnish chess grandmaster Hannu Virtanen, entitled The Yeti of Strangulation.

Among other things. 



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